How Do I Install a VPN? Guide For All Your Devices

NordVPN running on Android

If you are interested in VPNs, you certainly know that it is possible to install them on a very large number of devices. Each device has a different installation program, sometimes making the process a little complex. We will offer you a guide to answer all your questions. How do I install a VPN? What are the specifics of each application? We’re going to see it all together.

Introduction: subscription to the offer

Before attacking our guide the installation of VPNs on different devices, it is necessary to contextualize a little the framework of this tutorial. Indeed, it would be impossible to make you a guide that explains precisely how to install ALL VPNs on ALL your devices. There are more than 300 Virtual Private Networks providers, so it would be meaningless.

To make this VPN installation guide clear, we chose only one provider: NordVPN.

We chose it both because it is very simple to install, but also because it is our favorite. Its unmatched speed and stability make it our number one choice as you can see in our VPN comparison.

In addition to its significant qualities, NordVPN is certainly the supplier available on the widest range of devices. So it’s a very handy VPN to make a complete installation guide.

Overall, if you opt for another provider, the differences will be quite small in the configuration processes. If you run into problems, you can always contact customer support who can assist you.

So, before you start explaining how to install a VPN, it is recommended that you purchase NordVPN.

Installing VPN on all devices

You’re equipped! As we recall, this VPN installation guide is based on the use of NordVPN. However, the procedures should be very similar (provided the provider is working well on the chosen device) if you opt for another service.

Computer (Mac and Windows)

Let’s start this tutorial to install a VPN with computers. From your account, you’ll go to “Install” at the top right of your screen. Then you’ll have a page with all the apps available. If you’re on Mac, click “Mac,” if you’re on Windows, click “Windows.” So far, it’s very simple. From there, you can download the latest version of the app.

Then simply follow the different stages of installation (it will take you about 30 seconds, at most).

Smartphone and tablet (iOS and Android)

With more than half of the internet traffic now on mobile and tablet, it is becoming imperative to protect these devices as well. So it’s no surprise that the best VPNs have also developed dedicated apps for smartphones and tablets, whether on iOS or Android. NordVPN is also the best paid VPN on Android.

The installation process here is even simpler. In fact, you will install your VPN like any other application (such as Facebook, Angry Birds, Snapchat or other).

Although you can go through the VPN provider’s website, the easiest way is to go to the App Store (iOS) or the Google Play Store (Android). From there, find your provider’s app, then download/install there.

These things do, you’ll just have to identify yourself with your email and password. You can now use your VPN and hide your IP address by connecting to more than 5,000 servers.

Congrats, your devices are now secured and you can surf on internet being fully secured!

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